Friday, September 9, 2011

from someone else's scraps to a 1st day of school dress...

My oldest daughter had her first day of pre-k this week, and I whipped up a new dress for her the night before.  We're in LA, and our summer heat is just getting started.  A sundress seemed most appropriate.  Plus, she LOVES them.  I am always shocked when I make something for her in total secrecy and it ends up fitting (I do use clothes that have a similar fit as a guide when cutting fabric, and she still has a board straight little girl body...)!  

I have been wanting to make a dress for her out of the bottom fabric for a couple of months.  I got both fabrics from a very special source who gives me lots of amazing samples and scraps that she no longer has use for.  I kind of think this might have been a pillow case originally from the way that big hem was done...and, it had a tag inside.  I love repurposing things that already have usable hems!!

I made a casing for the straps to go through so that they could be adjustable.  

I love the circles and dots on the bottom.  

She was very excited to put it on for her first day of school and even was willing to pose for the camera!

There goes my big girl.  

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