Friday, July 1, 2011

from ladies sundress to little girl skirt, top, and sundress

I have a lot of clothes that I bought for my pregnant body that weren't technically maternity, but I still can't bring myself to wear them in my post-natal life.  Pregnant women can get away with wearing things that the rest of us can't.  They're so cute, and we give them a break since they're carrying around a 20 pound bowling ball under their skin.  

I forgot to take pictures of the dress before I cut it up, but it basically looked just like this except much bigger and with a wide ruffle at the bottom.  I cut off the bottom, took in the sides, and moved the straps to make a sundress for my oldest daughter.  She's already grown out of it (she's like a weed lately), so my 20 month-old daughter is wearing it now.  

My older daughter loves to be girly, so she'd much rather wear a flowy top like this than a t-shirt.  I made it with half of the bottom of the dress.  I shaped armholes, made a casing for straps that tie on one shoulder, and closed up the side that was still open.

  I love refashioning because I can save so much time by using details that are already in place, seams, ruffles, hems, etc.

I don't have a serger, but whoever made the original dress did.

I also made a skirt out of the bottom of the dress.  I made a casing and shimmied elastic through it for an easy I-can-do-it-by-myself fit. 

Here is the mini-collection I made from a ladies sundress.  The girls love to wear matching clothes.  I just have to make sure that my older daughter doesn't wear the skirt and shirt at the same time.  It's a bit much.  

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