Thursday, May 5, 2011

from yard waste and beach combing finds to woodland fairy house

Since I have a three year-old girl, it's not too surprising that we have our share of fairy play around here.  She got a Tinkerbell set in her Easter basket, so she naturally needed a proper house for Tink and her fairy friends.  The next day, we set out to find what we needed.  We took a special nature walk for the occasion, but lo and behold, the best finds were in our own backyard.

Now, she gets to happen upon this scene when she goes outside...

a fairy hideaway made from nature

with tiny details like a window made from a knot that had fallen out of a hollowed out piece of bark,

an empty nut shell serving as a bowl for pixie dust,

beach pebble tables for fairies and their tiny bug pets,

shells as flower vases and fire pits for tiny twig fires,

and a dried up weed as a fairy-sized broom.  Pixie dust just seems to get everywhere!

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